Hark the UKIP half-wits sing

Hark the UKIP half-wits sing

“We don’t like this PC thing

We’re so full of mercy mild

Foreign equals paedophile”

Joyful all these pillocks rise

To watch Nigel live on Sky

See the slimy git proclaim

“Immigrants are all to blame”

Hark the UKIP half-wits sing

“Nigel is the newborn King”


In the pub, he’s so adored

Not born here? Then you’re abhorred

Late in time, behold him come

Delayed, he says, by foreign scum

Veiled in tweed and toad-like see

Nigel’s monstrous vanity

And no man with man can dwell

Even in this foreign hell

Hark the UKIP half-wits sing

“BNP, are you watching”?


Hail the Kent-born Prince of Peace

Hail the son of Righteousness

Light and life to all he brings

Bar those nasty foreign things

Mild he lays his glory by

All viewed with his one good eye

Born to raise the sons of earth

Pint in hand and full of mirth

Hark the UKIP half-wits sing

“Reasoned thought is not our thing”

Hark the UKIP half-wits sing

“Vote for us, you stupid thing”



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