Olympics 2012

The opening ceremony, Bond and The Queen,

Chariots of Fire and some classic Bean,

All came to London and the 2012 Games,

So on went the show, with a whole host of names:

The great Michael Phelps and his grace in defeat,

Bolt and his hundred/two hundred repeat,

Magical moments for Wiggins and Hoy,

Farah and Trott and their unbridled joy,

Murray beat Federer, Rutherford’s jump,

Ennis won gold (sensational rump),

Rudisha’s great run and the record he beat,

Allyson Felix, just glides on her feet,

Boxing for women, oh that was no joke,

That thing in the shot put, who looked like a bloke,

Bikinis on Horse Guards, arrows at Lords,

Rowing at Eton, fanatical hordes,

“A wonderful fortnight”, we all declared, “Wow”!

Now get out of that stadium, it’s West Ham’s ground now.

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