The Fall of the Roman Empire?

“Obrigado” is it then, to AVB,

Sacked, and confirmed on the BBC,

No longer the coach at CFC,

I heard the news first on my DAB,

He was born in Portugal, pre-EEC,

But no trophies for him, no FAC,

Despite all that Russian GDP,

He couldn’t steer Roman’s HGV,

So on Wednesday night, via ITV,

Watch their waddling fans, straight from JJB,

Wipe, from replica shirts, their KFC,

And log-in to “Team News” on LCD,

“We’re here to see Frank” (their MVP),

“Tomorrow we head back to NYC”

They sing “Blue is the Colour”, how OTT,

These plastic soldiers, made of PVC,

With their loyalty purchased, a la QVC,

Chelsea til they die, til they RIP,

So, as Terry leaves The Bridge in his SUV,

The “sacrificial lamb” job is still TBC,

Stability? That’s not the USP,

Thanks to the Russki, the real VIP,

So with Torres still hiding, like WMD,

Bravo! “Mayor of Simpleton” (that was XTC),

Oh dear, what an awful YTD,

Sleep well Chelsea fans, Zzz…

  A nice family day out at The Bridge

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